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FarmScan® L70, the Second Generation ultrasound Long Linear Probe for Back-fact is released now.

FarmScan® L70 back-fat scanner fits with an 150mm,3.5Mhz Linear array transducer and probe standoff, the best for the measurement of backfat and loin in a single image, all measured in a tenth of millimeter.

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Vinno 5 Portable Colour Doppler ultrasound
19-inch LED Monitor
Touch Screen (10.4 inch, angle adjustable, touch gestures supported)
B/M/Color/Color M/Power/Directional Power Doppler Flow Imaging
Pulse Wave Doppler (includes High Pulsed Repitition Frequency)
PSH™ (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging)
iBeam™ (Spatial Compounding Imaging)
iClear™ (Speckle Suppression Imaging)
iTouch™ (Auto Image Optimization)
iZoom™ (Full Screen View)
Echo Boost™
HR Flow™ (High Resolution Flow)
Raw Data  
320GB Hard Disk, DVD-RW, HDMI Output and USB 3.0 Ports
iStation™ Patient Information Management
Built-in Wireless Adapter
MedSight™ (Support IOS/Android devices, DICOM basic should be configured in
 ultrasound for IOS devices)
MedTouch™(Support Android devices)
iScanHelper (Tutorial function)
One Endocavity Transducer Holder (on left side as default, if you need it to be on 
the right, please select it before order)
4 D Optional

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New - Sonoscape E1 Portable B/W Ultrasound
The Sonoscape E1 Black/White, Slim Design Portable Ultrasound.  With Sonoscape introducing the E1 with enhanced imaging, faster processor, a large 500GB Hard Drive and a large 15.6″ LED Monitor Display that tilts for better viewing
Pulse Wave - Optional

Wide Scan - wide imaging area

Auto Trace, IMT, brightness adjustment

2 Probe ports

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SonoVic SG-1600 Visual Artificial Insemination Device 
High Definition Clear Display 

Suitable for large animals, bovine, ovine

Air pressure function  to flush bllod and mucus to prevent blocking the lens.

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SonoVic LC-250 Xenon Cold Light Source
High Quality Endoscopic Cold Light Source 

High power, high color temperature and high brightness. 

Compatible with Wolf, Storz, Stryker & ACMI, etc

Quick, exact and easy bulb replacement. 

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SE-1900 Smart –Phone Endoscope


SE-1900 is configured with endoscope imaging, lens, mini-LED Cold Light Source on Smart Phones, used for fast

diagnosis with Otoscope, Sinuscope, and etc. SE-1900 Smart-Phone Endoscope systems is widely used in ENT, and

Particular for Veterinary fast operation and diagnosis, which is highly enhanced the veterinary doctor work efficient by

easy carrying, portable and convenience.




  1. High-definition Autoclavable Endoscope, 0°, Ø4mm×90mm or 175mm    
  2. (ENT Optional Endoscopes Optional);
  3. Removable Endoscope Lens;
  4. Rechargeable Mini-LED Cold Light Source;
  5. iPhone/Andriod Shell Adaptor;
  6. Direct use on iPhone and Andriod Camera System to make image and videos;

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Plastibell for circumcision is back!!

Please contact us for orders!!




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