Welcome to Mouldmed Locum International Exchange

Mouldmed Locum International Exchange (“MLIE”) is a full subsidiary of the South African company MOULDMED HOLDINGS LTD. MLIE has its head office in Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa, and services the locum and medical placement branches of the health industry in Southern Africa and large areas of the African Continent. The Company was incorporated in South Africa in June 1998.

MLIE specializes in the recruitment and placement of all medical professionals throughout South Africa and Africa. Understanding the mounting demand for skills of excellence and the time pressures under which professionals work, MLIE offers a streamlined service to match career opportunities and available candidates. MLIE ensures through market research and dedicated staff the swift and professional handling of the demands of all clients.

Our Clientele

MLIE counts large private hospitals in the Western Cape under its clientele, including the MediClinic Group – apart from hundreds of private medical and related practices. 

Medical Practice & Property

MOULDMED MEDICAL PRACTICE AND PROPERTY (a division of MLIE) was established due to the demand arising from various interested doctors, as well as many national and international institutions and private investors who approached MLIE, seeking assistance in the selling, buying, leasing or evaluating medical practices, thus proving to be very beneficial to the parties involved.

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